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Zhenjiang Matchau Marine Equipment Co.,Ltd is a both manufacturer and export company.We are specialized in producing proof load testing water weight bags, life boat,life raft,life jacket. Besides,we’ve also obtained excellent sales performance and rich sales experience of foreign trade business in related marine lifesaving products, fire fighting equipment,personnel protective equipment,dock rubber products,mooring products,deck machinery with accessories and other related marine products.

All our products have been approved by classification societies and government administration,also have got certifications from ISO 9001, DNV·GL, CE, CCS, BV, ABS, LR, KR, RINA, NK,RS,etc...


  • 2018-12-10

    Insulation suits, that is, insulated life jackets, also known as immersion suits, insulated immersion insulation suits, insulated immersion suits, sailing suits, marine immersion suits. This product is a must-have life-saving product on ocean-going vessels.

  • 2018-12-06

    ROCKET PARACHUTE FLARE is a distress signal that can be suspended from the parachute for a certain period of time after being launched to a certain height in the air, and emits red light with a certain luminous intensity and falls at a slow speed. The marine rocket parachute flame signal should be installed in a waterproof enclosure. The enclosure should be printed with concise instructions or diagrams that clearly state the use of the rocket parachute flame signal. At the same time, there is a complete set of ignition devices.

  • 2018-12-05

    BUOYANT SMOKE SIGNAL, after igniting, it can float on the surface of the water and spray orange-yellow smoke at a constant speed for a certain period of time without spewing out any fire distress signal.


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