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Industry news

  • Large-scale LNG powered ships will proliferate in the future, and Zhenjiang Matchau Marine Equipment Co.,Ltd. hopes to seize this opportunity and seek extensive cooperation with major ship owners around the world.


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  • According to the news released by the National Bidding Network and the Chinese Government Procurement Network, Oulun (Dalian) Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. won the bid for the Liaoning Maritime Safety Administration and the Guangdong Maritime High Performance Patrol Boat Project.


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  • China's first domestic aircraft carrier began to hoist and replace the FRP life raft on the port side on June 21, indicating that its service period is approaching and will be unveiled in a new installation.


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  • Section of the International Life-Saving Equipment Regulations (LSA Code) requirements for totally enclosed lifeboats: In addition to free fall lifeboats, one seat safety belt shall be provided for each designated seat. The seat safety belt should be designed to securely hold the person weighing 100kg in place when the lifeboat is in the overturned position. The color of each seat safety belt on the seat should be clearly different from the color of the safety belt next to the seat.


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  • Insulation suits, that is, insulated life jackets, also known as immersion suits, insulated immersion insulation suits, insulated immersion suits, sailing suits, marine immersion suits. This product is a must-have life-saving product on ocean-going vessels.


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  • ROCKET PARACHUTE FLARE is a distress signal that can be suspended from the parachute for a certain period of time after being launched to a certain height in the air, and emits red light with a certain luminous intensity and falls at a slow speed. The marine rocket parachute flame signal should be installed in a waterproof enclosure. The enclosure should be printed with concise instructions or diagrams that clearly state the use of the rocket parachute flame signal. At the same time, there is a complete set of ignition devices.


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