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120 persons totally enclosed lifeboat and offshore platform davit dispatch

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In earlier this week,our company dispatch one oil rig lifeboat and davit replacement project which uses 120 persons fire protected type totally enclosed lifeboat and 150KN safety working load offshore platform davit.

The lifeboat principa paraticular is as following:

1) Length(main body): 10.28 meters;

    Breadth(mid): 3.50 meters;

    Depth(mid): 1.30 meters;

    Height to top of enclosure from bottom of keel about 3.40 meters;

    Lifting hook span: 9.85 meters;

    No. of person: 120 persons(max.130 persons);

    Speed over 6 knots.

2) Population engine:

    Kind of engine: 380J-3 diesel engine made by Zhenjiang Siyang engine;

    No. of set: 1 set;

    Starting system: Electric by two independent batteries;

    Rated output: 20.6KW.

3) Propeller shaft and propeller:

    Propeller shaft: 1 set;

    Propeller: 1 set;

    Rated nozzle: 1 set.

4) Fuel oil tank:

    Material: Stainless steel;

    Capacity: 195 Liters.

5) Rated Nozzle ---rudder

    Material: FRP;

    No. of set: 1 set;

    Material of stock: Galvanized steel.

6) Main material:

    Hull and enclosure: F.R.P.(fire protected polyester resins and fiberglass);

    Buoyancy: Polyurethane foam or PVC foam.

7) Spare parts:

    (1)Oar,plastic 2 pcs;

    (2)Crutch 2 pcs;

    (3)Boat hooks,plastic 2 pcs;

    (4)Bailer 1 pc;

    (5)Bucket,plastic 2 pcs;

    (6)Survival manual 1 pc;

    (7)Sea anchor,canvas/rope 1 pc;

    (8)Painter line 2 pcs;

    (9)Hatchet,forged steel galvanized,2 pcs;

    (10)Fresh water(emergency drinking water),500mL/pc,3 Liters/person;

    (11)Dipper 1 pc;

    (12)Drinking cup,plastic 1 pc;

    (13)Survival food ration,500g/pc,air-tight packing;

    (14)Rocket parachute flare,4 pcs;

    (15)Red hand flare,6 pcs;

    (16)Buoyant smoke signal,2 pcs;

    (17)Water-proof electric torch,1 pc;

    (18)Daylight signal mirror,1 pc;

    (19)Lifesaving signal table,waterproof paper,1 sheet;

    (20)Whistle,plastic,1 pc;

    (21)First aid kit,waterproof,1 set;

    (22)Anti-seasickness medicine,6pcs/person;

    (23)Seasickness plastic bag,1 pc/person;

    (24)Tin opener,steel galy,3 pcs;

    (25)Jack knife with lanyard,1 pc;

    (26)Buoyant quoits with buoyant line,2 pcs;

    (27)Manual pump,1 pc;

    (28)Fishing tackle,1 pc;

    (29)Fire extinguisher,1 pc;

    (30)Search light,1 pc;

    (31)Radar reflector,1 pc;

    (32)Watertight thermal protective aid,12 pcs;

    (33)Compass,1 pc;

    (34)Engine tool and spare parts,1 pc;

    (35)Emergency steering titler,steel,1 pc;

    (36)Container for rain water,Vinyl 5 Liters,2 pcs;

    (37)Boarding ladder,1 pc;

    (38)Safety belt,1 set/person,mounted on boat;

    (39)Plug with cable,15 meters length,1 pc.


Offshore platform davit/winch:

1) Max. working load of davit: Max.150KN;

2) Max. working load of winch: Max.150KN;

3) Power source: AC440V,60Hz,3 phase;

4) Motor power: 25KW;

5) Self wight of winch: Approx. 3000kg;

6) Self wight of davit: Approx. 4000kg;

7) Protection class: IP56.


More lifeboat and davit are rady for dispatch:



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