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  • declaration of life jacket.


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  • Zhenjiang Matchau Marine Equipment Company orange color twins air chamber 275N infaltable life jacket sales well,we can provide CE certification and wheel marked EC certification.


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  • Matchau water filled weight bags have some features below:
    1.The water filled weight bags can be folded for storage and transportation;
    2.Widely used in ship deck cranes,offshore drilling platforms and general purpose cranes;
    3.Verification of load capacity;
    4.Safety factor is 6:1 and it is safe for use;
    5.Can be used multiple times.


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  • The lifting device is used to limit the rated load, and mainly includes,the lifting belt attached to the periphery of the bag body, a connection ring of the lifting belt at the bottom of the bag body, and a shackle for lifting the bag body. The lifting straps should be evenly arranged around the bag body, and the rated load of each lifting strap should be prepared according to the load of the bag body, and the safety factor is 6:1 verified.


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  • In the current situation, regarding the further improvement of the concept of safety and environmental protection, the weighing water bag series currently manufacturered by Zhenjiang Matchau Marine Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a new product that fills the domestic gap, and at the same time, it is a leading update in product design and functions in the world A new generation of products.


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  • The rated load range of the water filled weighing bag is generally 1-100 tons. Before leaving the factory,the water bags of each load must be properly tested so that users can use them normally.Manufacturers must pass at least one of the following test methods before dispatch the factory.


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