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  • declaration of life jacket.


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  • Zhenjiang Matchau Marine Equipment Company orange color twins air chamber 275N infaltable life jacket sales well,we can provide CE certification and wheel marked EC certification.


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  • Singapore-based oil and gas module builder Dyna-Mac and drilling platform builder Keppel Offshore have reached a memorandum of understanding with the subsidiary Keppel Shipyard of Marine Corporation.


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  • The scene of the collision between the two ships, there is no open flame, and the boarding plan is under development, the search and rescue and firefighting work of the two ships in the Yangtze River Estuary collision accident is still in progress, and no missing persons have been found. There is still an open flame in the middle section of the tanker at the scene.


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  • A liferaft refers to a boat with no self-propelled capability for lifesaving on a ship. As one of the important lifesaving equipment, any defect that affects its normal use will be judged as a major defect and may cause the ship to detain. According to the righting method, liferafts are divided into ordinary non-self-righting and self-righting or two-sided usable types.


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  • The management requirements for both ship and shore have addressed the lack of operating experience and improper operating strategies of the crew/terminal when the danger occurred.

    It is hoped that readers can learn corresponding lessons through the occurrence of dangerous situations and combine with the management requirements of MEG4 to avoid similar accidents.


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