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  • Inspection and Test for Water-spray System:
    1) With the boat in an upright position and in the light condition, run the engine at the rated revolution, then run the water-spray pump, the sprayed water film should cover the whole surface of the boat, and the pipe of water-spray system should have no leakage;
    2) Successively trim the boat 5 degrees by the head and 5 degrees by the stern, and heel it 5 degrees to port and 5 degrees to starboard, the sprayed water film should cover the whole surface of the boat.


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  • Release Mechanism Test:
    1) Check the equipped quality of release mechanism: hook,connection,soft axle and pipe;
    2) Load the lifeboat so that the total mass equals 1.1 times the mass of the lifeboat, all its equipment and the number of persons (load with xx kg), suspend boat form hooks just clear of the water surface, then release the hook device, the fore and aft hook should be released simultaneously, and the boat or the release mechanism should have no binding or damage;
    3) The boat should do above mentioned test again with 10 degrees trim (fore and aft);
    4) The fore and aft hook should be released simultaneously when boat fully waterborne in the light condition and in a 10% overload condition.


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  • On 26th & 27th of March 2019,Zhenjiang MATCHAU marine made the marine fire fighting system service training for Saudi customer,the training is held on schedule and we authorize the training technicians for services of our marine fire fighting systems & fire extinguisher after the training finished.


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  • On 25th March of 2019,Zhenjiang MATCHAU marine made a training for lifeboat annual and 5 yearly inspection.


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  • MATCHAU MARINE supply marine fire fighting equipment,also train and authorize service agent in the world.


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  • Section of the International Life-Saving Equipment Regulations (LSA Code) requirements for totally enclosed lifeboats: In addition to free fall lifeboats, one seat safety belt shall be provided for each designated seat. The seat safety belt should be designed to securely hold the person weighing 100kg in place when the lifeboat is in the overturned position. The color of each seat safety belt on the seat should be clearly different from the color of the safety belt next to the seat.


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