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The scene of the collision between the two ships

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According to the Weibo news released by Shanghai Maritime, the search and rescue and firefighting work of the two ships in the Yangtze River Estuary collision accident is still in progress, and no missing persons have been found. There is still an open flame in the middle section of the tanker at the scene. After expert discussion and comprehensive research and judgment, a new round of fire extinguishing plans will be implemented from 5 am today. At 21:00 on the evening of the 20th, the Shanghai Maritime Search and Rescue Center organized experts in fire protection, hazardous chemicals and classification societies to comprehensively analyze and judge the search and rescue on the 20th and formulate a work plan for the search and rescue and fire fighting operations on the 21st. At 0515 on the 21st, "Hai Xun 01", "Dong Hai Jiu 101" and "Dong Hai Jiu 102" began to spray seawater on the hull. After implementing continuous measures to cool the hull, "Dong Hai Jiu 102", "Sinochem Emergency" and "Shanghai Xiao 5" The other three ships concentrated on the foam saturation attack and extinguished the accidental oil tanker.

At the same time, rescue helicopters and maritime fixed-wing aircraft are arranged to carry out a large-scale aerial search, and according to the forecast of wind direction and current and the latest drifting trajectory, the on-site boats are organized to carry out continuous surface search and rescue. The alert area is dynamically delineated, the on-site ships strengthen the safety alert of the surrounding waters, continue to issue navigation warnings, strengthen regional safety broadcasts, and ensure smooth navigation. The ecology and environment department conducts continuous monitoring. According to analysis, the current accident has no obvious impact on the air quality and marine environment of the coastal land.

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