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Create the best in the world again!

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On November 3, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation held a groundbreaking ceremony for the BACALHAUFPSO hull and living area new construction project (hull number FPSO-8). Representatives from the Quartet of Shipbuilding Group, Equinor, Mitsui Marine Development Floating Production Unit (Singapore) Co., Ltd. and DNV·GL Classification Society jointly launched the touch ball announcement project officially started


Marc Courtemanche, President of Statoil China, Bai Liguo, General Manager of Mitsui Offshore Development Floating Production Equipment (Singapore) Co., Ltd., Chen Keng, Vice President of DNV·GL Classification Society/General Manager of Northern China Region, Yang Zhizhong and Zhang Yuhuan, Leaders of Shipbuilding Group Attend the ceremony. Trond Bokn, Senior Vice President and Project Director of Statoil, and Tony Quinn, President and Chief Operating Officer of Mitsui Marine Development Floating Production Equipment (Singapore) Co., Ltd., attended the ceremony via video connection.

BACALHAU FPSO is a universal M350 double-bottom and double-hull FPSO jointly developed by the Shipbuilding Group and Mitsui Marine Development Floating Production Equipment (Singapore) Co., Ltd. It is the world's first FPSO designed in accordance with the latest DNV·GL 2019 specifications. And the scale parameter is the highest in the world. The project is classified as DNV GL, flying the Bahamas flag, and the owner is Norwegian Petroleum. Equinor is the FEED contract for the first phase of the Bacalhau oil field in the Santos Basin in Brazil. The operating oil fields are the BM-S-8 block and Carcara in the Santos Basin, Brazil. The northern block is the FPSO with the largest capacity and reserves in Brazilian waters. At the end of 2018, MODEC has already started work on FPSO Pre-FEED. Subsea7 and Onesubsea are jointly responsible for the FEED of the subsea system SURF (subsea system, umbilical cable, riser and fluid pipe). MODEC will be responsible for the design and construction of FPSO, including upper processing module, hull and maritime system. SOFEC will be responsible for the multi-point mooring system. Shipbuilding Group is responsible for the design and construction of the FPSO floating body part, living area, modular buttresses and some upper modules.

The BACALHAU FPSO has a total length of 364 meters, a profile width of 64 meters, a profile depth of 33 meters, and a design draft of 22.65 meters, which can withstand the environmental conditions that occur once in a hundred years in the Brazilian sea. The empty ship weighs more than 140,000 tons, of which the weight of the upper module reaches 50,000 tons. Multi-point mooring system positioning method is adopted to meet the condition of not docking for 30 years. The project uses a 750 kg gas compression system (usually 550 kg) for the first time in the world, and the world's first application of a gas turbine closed-loop power generation system. There are 22 cargo oil tanks with a full-load oil storage capacity of 2 million barrels. The operation mode of double-transporting oil outside the fore and aft is adopted to meet different operational requirements. It is expected to start production from 2023 to 2024. MODEC will operate the FPSO with Equinor's participation until the end of the development period in 2053.

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