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How to quickly identify whether the HAMMAR H20 HRU is effective

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The Hammar H20 hydrostatic release unit is designed to be safe and reliable under all extreme conditions at sea and needs to be replaced every two years to ensure its function. When installing a new device, the installer should scan directly to register its validity.

Registration means that Hammar will provide better and faster support for any particular installation. It can also send notifications before the expiry date of the H20 device.

The captain, security officer, or any other crew member can scan the Marcode of the H20 device at any time to verify its effectiveness. This ensures the safety of the crew and passengers.

All H20 products, including H20E for EPIRB, produced from 2018 include a new and unique digital MarCode, which can help you verify that only original and approved equipment is used on your ship. This will replace the old Holospot® safety mark.

By scanning MarCode, you will automatically receive a certificate confirming that the device is an original Hammar product. You can also access DoC and CoC instantly.

Benefits of MarCode App:

1) Instant authentication;

2) Determine true and false;

3) Marking and installation manual;

4) Easily obtain a certificate.

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