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Application and prospect of water weighing bags

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In the current situation, regarding the further improvement of the concept of safety and environmental protection, the weighing water bag series currently manufacturered by Zhenjiang Matchau Marine Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a new product that fills the domestic gap, and at the same time, it is a leading update in product design and functions in the world A new generation of products.

First of all, it can be widely used in various types of lifting machinery, mainly for large crane load tests on ocean-going ships, oil drilling platforms, ports and docks, and large industrial and mining facilities. Its market prospects and potential are very huge.

And its extended products can be used for forest fire protection, road and bridge construction load test, lifeboat boat and other load test. Its software structure distinguishes it from traditional solid weights. Its safety, convenience and low cost cannot be replaced.

1) Iron weights or weights are bulky, transportation, handling and assembly are very troublesome, resulting in huge costs.

2) When the iron weight or weight is tested for the function or load of the lifting machine, if the brake of the lifting machine fails due to mechanical failure or other reasons or the operator fails to operate, the iron weight or weight suddenly The serious consequences of a fall or collision are unimaginable.

3) Because the iron weight or weight is based on the standard unit of measurement, when the crane is loading or unloading, the measurement is inaccurate and the loading or unloading is inconvenient.

4) Because iron weights or weights are made of iron or lead, metal resources are wasted or discarded, causing environmental pollution.

5) Due to the large volume of iron weights or weights, storage and transportation are troublesome, occupying space and inconvenient management.

Due to the shortcomings of the above aspects in iron weights or weight blocks, it is necessary to find a convenient, safe, environmentally friendly, low-cost, stable performance alternative product on these issues.

As key enterprises, especially offshore oil rigs, large ocean-going vessels, large crane equipment, and load-bearing structures need to ensure safe operation, lifting water bags and accessories can provide integrated inspection solutions. In the field of inspection load, the lifting water bag series and its derivative products were born.

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