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DNV GL and Huangpu Wenchong jointly develop 5000-tank dual fuel container ship

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On December 4, at the 2019 China International Maritime Conference and Exhibition, DNV GL and China Shipbuilding Huangpu Wenchong Shipping Co., Ltd. signed a joint development project (JDP) for 5000 TEU dual fuel feeder container ships.


According to the agreement, Huangpu Wenchong and DNVGL will jointly develop a new Panamax green and energy-efficient 5000TEU container ship for the fast-growing Asian regional trade. In order to reduce energy consumption and carbon, sulfur, and nitrogen emissions as much as possible, the ship will use LNG as the fuel for the ship, use an optimized hydrodynamic low-resistance line, a more efficient hull design, and lower OPEX Cargo loading is maximized. The ship design will reflect ergonomics to achieve better crew comfort, while the latest smart ship technology is also a feature of this new green smart ship.


Huang Yi, the director of Huangpu Wenchong Technology Committee, said: "After signing a strategic cooperation agreement last year and signing the 200th class ship of DNV GL, we are welcoming this milestone project again today, and I am very happy for this. A long-term and solid partner The trust and synergy created by the relationship have made this project, and I look forward to the continued development of these effects, which will help both parties and the industry as a whole. "


Lu Fukai, General Manager of DNV GL China Technology Center, said: "Working closely with the industry and sharing knowledge is an important factor to promote more environmentally-friendly and smarter development of the industry. The new ship of this type in Huangpu Wenchong is the best example. I have absolute confidence, With our extensive experience in the container field and the concerted efforts of both parties, we will create a safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly next-generation container ship. "


The JDP includes a drawing evaluation, a Design Principles Approval Certificate (AiP), and a seminar on container shipping in Asia.

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