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DNV GL starts the online virus war and continues to help Chinese shipbuilding companies

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In the unprecedented challenges brought by the new coronavirus epidemic, DNV GL ensures the continuous operation of business in a flexible and safe manner, and fully supports the Chinese maritime industry to overcome the difficulties. Recently, Mr. Norbert Kray, General Manager of DNV GL's Maritime Department in Greater China, accepted an interview with International Shipping Network and shared his experience on how DNV GL can ensure that the business continues to provide services to the Chinese maritime industry during times of crisis.

Digital technology helps DNV GL ensure business continuity


In an interview with International Shipping Network, Mr. Collet emphasized that DNV GL's primary job is to ensure the safety and health of employees while maintaining business continuity. To this end, DNV GL China has launched a crisis management plan, formulated anti-epidemic measures in accordance with the relevant requirements of governments at all levels, and quickly issued a business continuity plan to fully support customers.


At the request of customers and with the consent and support of relevant agencies, DNV GL's surveyors have continued to provide customers with on-site inspections without interrupting on-site services. At the same time, DNV GL has also increased the use of digital tools. After the Spring Festival, the remote office mode has been opened and a wide range of digital services have been introduced.


Mr. Collet pointed out that in the past few years, DNV GL's continuous investment in the field of IT and digital technology has paid off in this epidemic crisis. The digital method has achieved good results and customers' trust in DNV GL has not decreased. During this period, DNV GL won a contract for 16 new ships in the Chinese market, accounting for about 31% of the market in terms of gross tonnage (GT).

The long-distance ship inspection service launched by DNV GL in October 2018 played an increasingly important role during the outbreak. Mr. Collet said: "Remote inspection provides customers with the flexibility they need, provides all-weather coverage, and improves efficiency by reducing travel time and increasing availability. It is very popular with customers."


"Our wide range of digital services, such as DATE (through technical experts), provides a 24/7 direct access to technical experts with a short response time. Under the current global blocking conditions, DATE does play its part Advantages. Veracity, DNV GL ’s open data platform, is another good example of how we can connect with customers in the digital age. The portal allows customers to share data to improve ship performance and safety. Use our Smart Survey Booking (intelligence Inspection booking) services, access to electronic certificates or use our digital applications for fleet management and other purposes. It can also directly access many other DNV GL services, standards, regulations and documents. "


"Since the beginning, the DNV GL remote inspection service has been completed 15,000 times. Our DATE service platform processed 500,000 customer inquiries. The online maintenance service can complete the engine room for 50 ship-scale fleets within 4 hours Inspection. DNV GL can issue an e-Cert every 4 minutes, 350 copies a day, and 130,000 e-Certificates a year, which is convenient for customers to download and use anytime and anywhere. "


Using remote video, DNV GL was able to continue technical forums / seminars with customers. Mr. Collet revealed: "Recently we have arranged a technical seminar with customers in the video conference room of our Shanghai office. Our senior ship type experts and business development directors in Norway participated in this technical seminar in real time. The keynote presentation on technology also participated in specific discussions and answered many customer questions. This is a remote technical seminar with a very good experience. The customer expressed great satisfaction and thanked for such arrangements. "


Full support for China's maritime industry to overcome difficulties


According to the International Ship Network, DNV GL Maritime Greater China has basically resumed full operation. Talking about the impact of the epidemic on China's maritime industry, Mr. Collet said: "China's measures to deal with the epidemic are timely and effective. China's maritime industry must not only prevent the spread of the epidemic in response to the new crown epidemic, but also resume work and production. It is very difficult for us. Most customers have already begun to resume production with all their strength and entered the peak of production. "


Mr. Collet said that during the Spring Festival, DNV GL's project team communicated closely with customers, overcame difficulties such as holidays, traffic restrictions, infection risks, etc., completed various surveys of classification societies, assisted customers in completing all relevant procedures, and successfully delivered ferry. It is worth mentioning that on the third day after the Spring Festival holiday, DNV GL's customer, Qingdao Beichuan Heavy Industries, delivered the first production of a 325,000-ton super-large ore carrier (VLOC) to ICBC Financial Leasing and China Merchants Energy Transportation Company The ship "Ore Yantai" is the first ship delivered by the Chinese shipyard since the outbreak.

"Since then, in the major shipyards along the coast of China from south to north and along the Yangtze River, milestone production nodes have been completed successively-steel plate cutting, keel laying, docking, launching, sea trial, ship delivery, which fully demonstrated the Chinese maritime industry The spirit of facing up to difficulties and advancing the difficult times. Among them are also the beautiful style of our DNV GL surveyors. They are active in major shipyards in China, with their rich knowledge of ship technology and regulations, practical experience and rigorous work style. , Strictly control the quality and safety requirements, and silently practice DNV GL's purpose of 'protecting life, property and environment'. I am very proud of the professionalism of our surveyors in serving customers. "


It is understood that Mr. Collet has been the general manager of DNV GL's maritime department in China since January 2018. At the same time, he also serves as the chairman of DNV GL Group's Greater China region, and is responsible for coordinating the business continuity of all business units during the epidemic. Mr. Collet pointed out: "China is one of DNV GL's most important strategic development regions in the world. DNV GL is committed to becoming the most reliable partner of the Chinese maritime industry." After the outbreak, DNV GL took the lead in the first time in mid-February Donated RMB 1 million through the Shanghai Charity Foundation to help China fight the new crown epidemic.


Since entering China in 1888, DNV GL has a history of 132 years in China. After the reform and opening up, DNV GL began to develop rapidly in many businesses. During the Shanghai Maritime Exhibition last year, DNV GL renewed the strategic cooperation framework agreement with the newly established China Shipping Group, which will further deepen and expand existing cooperation areas, focusing on cooperation in technology and digital.


"For decades, DNV GL has witnessed the rapid development of China's shipbuilding industry and has participated in the development and construction of the vast majority of China's largest and most advanced projects. Every year we develop joint development projects / joint development projects with various Chinese partners There are more than 20. We have not only established a perfect service network in Greater China, but also trained our local ship-type experts. DNV GL's strong global network and technical experts provide real-time technical support for our customers in China."

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