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How to Avoid Ship Launching Risks?

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Since the first launching using marine airbags in Xiao Qinghe shipyard in 1918, marine airbags are applied all over the world taking advantages of excellent performance, high cost effectiveness as well as low maintenance. But there are still some accidents occurred owing to inappropriate airbag arrangements, bad launch conditions and following potential risks:

Water level
Although airbags can overcome water deficiency to a certain extent, they are still have limitations of water levels. If vessels carry out their launch at deficient water, following phenomena may happen: The stern drops abruptly - that may cause brust of marine airbags and fractures of launch ramps. Sometime, it may also cause the raise of bow which may lead to the collision between the bow and the ground.

To avoid above phenomena, following ways can be tried to solve the problems:

  • Extend slipway of underwater part.

  • Increase ship buoyancy by means of adding buoyancy tanks or airbags to vessels' cabins.

Launch ramp
Ship launching accident happens every year all over the world, whatever the launching method is. Although ship launching with airbags is considered to be the most safety launching method, but there are still failures owing to improper operation. In that situation, people always blame the quality of airbags, but they ignore the importance of launching ramps.

Launch ramp also should be prepared, may not be a concrete ramp, but a clean and compacted ramp. In the left picture, the ramp are full of stones and rubbish, which make the ramp too rugged to roll. Inferior ramp also may damage the airbags and the hull of vessels.

Holding system
Ignorance of ship holding system such as ground anchor, pulley, wire ropes, winch and shackles may cause a ship launching accident. For example, bulldozers that used to hold the ship are launched into water undoubtedly as they can not provide enough holding strength.

  • Excellent arrangements and precise calculation should be made to avoid above accidents.

  • Holding system should be checked before launching.

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