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Introduction of Life Raft

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A liferaft refers to a boat with no self-propelled capability for lifesaving on a ship. As one of the important lifesaving equipment, any defect that affects its normal use will be judged as a major defect and may cause the ship to detain. According to the righting method, liferafts are divided into ordinary non-self-righting and self-righting or two-sided usable types.

After the ordinary non-self-righting inflatable liferaft is expanded and formed into the sea, due to the influence of the center of gravity and structure, it is often prone to overturning. In addition, the marine environment is complex and changeable, especially in severe sea conditions, it is very difficult to manually correct the liferaft. In addition, after the liferaft is overturned, the operator will be pressed on the bottom of the raft. The operator needs to dive and swim out of the bottom of the liferaft. However, the bottom of the liferaft has a righting cable, sea anchor cable, ballast water bag, and first cable, etc. Inadvertent operators are easily entangled with ropes, causing danger.

Self-righting liferafts or liferafts usable on both sides technically solve this problem directly. After the liferaft is inflated and formed into the water, the liferaft is directly in the upright and usable state, and the safety factor is higher.

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