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Lifejacket Standard

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Life jacket,also known as the life vest, it is a life-saving garment, designed like a vest, made of nylon fabric or neoprene (NEOPRENE), buoyant material or inflatable material, reflective material. The general life is 5-7 years. One of the lifesaving equipment on board. Generally vest type, made of foam or cork. Wear enough buoyancy on the body to make the head of the drowning water out of the water.

Divided by purpose:

1. Marine Lifejacket (Marine Child Lifejacket), suitable for life-saving use of various types of people in the coastal and inland rivers. The buoyancy of life jackets is greater than 113N. After life jackets are soaked in water for 24 hours, the buoyancy loss of life jackets should be less than 5%. . Life jacket buoyancy material: polyethylene foam.

2. Marine work lifejacket (Marine work Lifejacket), suitable for coastal and inland river personnel to work. The buoyancy of the life jacket is greater than 75N. After the life jacket is soaked in water for 24 hours, the buoyancy loss of the life jacket should be less than 5%. Life jacket buoyancy material: polyethylene foam.

3. Casual life jacket: also known as water sports life jacket (Water Sports Lifejacket), fabrics with neoprene composite materials, a variety of color matching, stylish and beautiful. It is mainly suitable for playing on the water, learning to swim, drifting, fishing, etc. Buoyancy material: polyethylene foam

Divided by buoyancy principle:

1. Buoyant material filled life jacket, that is, fabric made of nylon cloth or neoprene, filled with buoyant material.

2. inflatable life jacket: made of high-strength waterproof material, similar to the principle of inflatable lifebuoy or swim ring. Automatically inflated or passively inflated. However, the most important thing to note about this life jacket is to absolutely avoid sharp objects from piercing or damaging the waterproof layer, which can cause unimaginable serious consequences.


1. Wear the life jacket whistle bag on the body.

2. pull the zipper, hands tighten the front strap, tie the neck strap.

3. the award of the straps in the front and left cross-binding.

4. Check if each part is tight after wearing.

5. The gas in the life jacket must be sufficient.

Technical specifications for flood control life jackets

Name: Flood control and flood protection life jacket.

Specifications: Length: 55CM, width: 40CM, suitable for bust 3 feet 2

Color: orange

Buoyancy: about 7.5 kg

Weight: about 0.3 kg

Material: Polyethylene foam.

Fabric: High-quality light body floating material, anti-mite, flood-proof life jacket fabric is a special material for waterproofing, which can effectively waterproof and increase the buoyancy of life jacket in water.

Light film: 4 pieces

Whistle: 1

Executive standard: GB4304-84 standard requirements

Main parameters: buoyancy ≥ 7.5kg

Floating state: keep the body vertical or backward, the head is higher than the water

Features: Polyethylene foam plastic material, which can effectively waterproof and increase the buoyancy of life jackets in water.

Main use and scope of application

1. Applicable to the use of various types of personnel in coastal and inland rivers.

(1) stable performance

Flood prevention and rescue means that it faces severe weather and geographical environment, and portable flood prevention work lights should be resistant to falling and rain.

(2) light source selection

LED light source has high luminous efficiency, high brightness, green environmental protection, low energy consumption, long service life, lifetime maintenance-free, and can bring several times or even longer lighting time under the same power capacity. It has become the preferred light source for portable lighting. .

(3) lighting time

Portable flood protection work lights should be capable of providing continuous lighting time of no less than 8 hours to meet the requirements of conventional rescue requirements. There are many domestic anti-mite lighting equipment manufacturers, small production batches, mixed models, no uniform industry standards, production "photo gourd painting", new product development cycle is long; there is a portable glare work light called SME-8032 Use the most advanced high-power LED bulbs in the world, with good light effect, high fog permeability, low light decay, average life expectancy of not less than 100,000 hours, no need to replace for life; using split main and auxiliary light sources, glare and working light Conversion, 6000K light color is white, the concentrating effect is good, and the illumination distance is long; at the same time, the glare illumination time can reach 22 hours, and the hand-held, lumbosacral, and cap-peel can be used according to actual needs. The author understands that this product is developed and produced by Shishi Electric Co., Ltd., and has become an ideal choice for portable flood control work lights in flood control projects.

2. Flood control flood light

Flood-proof floodlights as lighting fixtures for flood control and flood control sites, the brightness of the illuminated area should be significantly higher than the surrounding area. As a large-area large-scale floodlighting lighting fixture, high-power light source should be selected to support the mobile generator set; Can be equipped with a lifting rod to effectively improve the lighting range and work efficiency. Lamp head configuration: It consists of four 500W energy-efficient Philips brand lamp holders. Each lamp head can be independently rotated up and down, left and right and large angle to achieve 360° all-round illumination. The lamp head can also be uniformly distributed on the lamp panel in four different directions. If four lamp heads are required to illuminate in the same direction, the entire lamp pan can be turned over in the opening direction by 250° according to the required illumination angle and orientation, and 360° rotation is performed to the left and right with the cylinder as the axis.

Irradiation range: 3 telescopic cylinders are used as the lifting adjustment mode, the maximum lifting height is 4.5 meters; the lamp head can be adjusted up and down by turning the lamp head up and down, and the light coverage radius is 45-65 meters.

Lighting time: It can be directly used to power the generator set, and can also be connected to the 220V mains for a long time lighting; using the generator set to supply a full fuel for a continuous working time of up to 13 hours. Convenient operation: The remote control can control the opening and closing of each lamp within 50 meters by wireless remote control. The electric or manual air pump can be used to quickly control the lifting and lowering of the telescopic gas bar.

Adaptation place: The lamp panel, cylinder and generator set are of integral structure. The bottom of the generator set is equipped with universal wheel and rail wheel, which can run on uneven pavement and rail. Use environment: The whole is made of high quality imported metal materials, compact structure and stable performance, ensuring normal operation under various harsh environments and climatic conditions. The rain, water spray and wind resistance grades are 8 grades.

The above SM-7083A type luminaire consists of luminaire parts, pneumatic lifting parts, generator parts, control parts and walking bracket parts. It is light and easy to assemble and disassemble. It is easy to operate and practical. The reader can deeply understand the flood control from the product information. The connotation of the lamp.

3. Other lighting

For long-distance signal indication and azimuth display illumination, you can choose portable anti-smashing work lights with signal function, or separately select easy-to-carry signal position lights (suspension, clip, bundle and magnetic adsorption). Make a statement.

4. Other instructions

(1) On-demand preparation The preparation of flood control lighting equipment should be based on actual needs, taking into account the number of personnel and actual lighting needs.

(2) the principle of innovation Flood control lighting equipment should be combined with overall lighting and local lighting, the overall lighting can provide a wide range of high-brightness lighting, should choose high-power lamps; local lighting can choose small glare lighting, easy to carry around. 

(3) cost control flood control lighting equipment should choose stable, safe and reliable products, blind pursuit of low cost and neglect the quality of the product itself is not responsible for the performance of the people; the same big brand can certainly bring reliable quality assurance, but at the same time It also increases the cost. At this time, we should adhere to the principle of “on-demand” and meet the actual needs.

(4) Information Communication Today's society is developing rapidly. While preparing flood control lighting equipment, we must maintain information communication with manufacturers to confirm whether the products are updated or not. We can also cooperate with manufacturers to produce the most cost-effective products; Discontinuation or technological innovation, so as not to affect the smooth progress of flood prevention work.

(5) material storage Flood control lighting equipment must be sound distribution, use, storage management system, pay special attention to the regular maintenance and maintenance of equipment.


The upper garment has an airbag bag, the airbag bag and the upper garment are integrated, the airbag bag has a one-way inflation valve, the one-way inflation valve is located at the top of the jacket, the inflator is connected to the inflatable pipe, and the inflatable pipe is connected to the airbag bag, and each inflatable pipe has The switch control valve has a drawstring at the opening of the hat. The entire life jacket is controlled by the inflator and the control valve to adjust the amount of buoyancy. The body is fully isolated from the water and has a strong cold resistance. It has the advantages of simple production and convenient use.

Production standards

Approved by the National Office of Industrial Product Production License Office (1996) No. 30, the Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center for Ship Lifesaving Equipment of the Ministry of Communications is the quality inspection unit for life jacket production license.

Conditions for a company to obtain a life jacket production license

1. If it is issued by the administrative department for industry and commerce, the business scope includes the business license for the production of life jacket products.

2. The product quality is in line with the current national and industrial standards, the requirements of the International Maritime Organization resolution and ship inspection specifications.

3. Have correct and complete product drawings and technical documents.

4. Production equipment, process equipment, measurement and inspection means with guaranteed product quality.

5. Professional and technical personnel, skilled workers and metering and inspection personnel with guaranteed product quality and normal production.

6. Have a sound and effective quality management system.

Life jacket technical indicators

1. Automatically inflate within 5 seconds after entering the water, producing buoyancy above 15kg. The 24-hour buoyancy loss is less than 5%, and the main fittings and material properties meet the EN396 standard.

2. The airbag is made of imported polyether TPU material, which has excellent resistance to aging and hydrolysis.

3. The product has obtained the type certification of China Classification Society CCS and National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

Scope of application:

The product is suitable for life-saving places such as public security, border defense, marine police, marine police, maritime affairs, fishery administration, sea surveillance, fire protection, as well as various marine life insurance such as maritime shipping, inland rivers, flood fighting and disaster relief.

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