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Maintenance of Lifesaving Equipment

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The management of port states, also known as port state monitoring and port state inspection, refers to the implementation of port state authorities on foreign ships arriving in Hong Kong. The crew and ship technical conditions and operational requirements are the object of inspection to ensure the safety of ships and life and property. Marine pollution is a kind of supervision and control. Port State Management is the second line of defense to ensure maritime safety and prevent marine pollution following the monitoring of the flag State government. The implementation inspection principle of port state management is to make navigation safer and to make the ocean cleaner. According to the SOLAS Convention and a list of inspections of fire safety and life-saving equipment for ships, such as fire safety and lifesaving equipment, the detailed inspection contents of fire-fighting and life-saving equipment in the port state inspection are summarized. It aims to promote the inspection, maintenance and maintenance of fire protection and rescue equipment.

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