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Open type life boat

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Open type life boat is a lifeboat without a fixed canopy. It is convenient for distressed occupants to board quickly. Generally, traditional lifeboats belong to this type. According to the 1983 amendment to the international convention for the safety of life at sea, the use of open lifeboats is no longer required for ships sailing internationally. Since July 1st of 1991, open type lifeboats will be replaced by totally enclosed or partially enclosed life boats with rigid canopies. However, non-international vessels can continue to use open lifeboats. In order to improve the living conditions of the occupants, the open life boat can be provided with a canopy that can completely cover the whole boat. The outside of the shed cover is painted in a clear and easy-to-see color, and is equipped with a hand-controlled lamp with a range of more than 2 n mile and continuous lighting for 12 hours to facilitate sea and air search and rescue.

There are two types of open lifeboats, it is motorized and manual. If the occupant quota is more than 60 people, it should be a motor boat. When an open lifeboat capsizes at sea, the boat's bottom handrails and righting cables can be used to straighten the boat.

Open type life boats are simple in structure and easy to board, but due to poor low-temperature protection performance, passengers are vulnerable to sea waves, high winds or sun exposure, and should not be used on international sailing ships. The open lifeboat is no longer mentioned in the SOLAS regulations, and China's ZS Regulations allow domestic ships to use it.

Open type lifeboats include manual(paddle) life boats, first-class motor propelled lifeboats (with a speed of not less than 6kn) and second-class motor propelled lifeboats (with a speed of not less than 4kn).

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