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Special inspection for the use of shipborne AIS equipment and display of ship name

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On May 12, 2020, the Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration launched a special inspection on the use of shipborne AIS equipment and the display of ship names. In June 2020, two security inspectors from the Pudong Maritime Safety Administration discovered that a round of B-class AIS equipment could not record the last ten power-on and turn-off records during a safety inspection of a sea-going vessel in the jurisdiction, and issued defects and imposed administrative penalties.

1. Defect description

The BIS AIS equipment has not been solidified and upgraded, and cannot record the last ten power-on/off records.

2. Basis for defects

HaiXiu 16/4 chapters/5 chapters 2.1.2:

(5) Class B AIS equipment should comply with the "Technical Requirements for Shipborne B-Class Automatic Identification System (AIS) Equipment (SOTDMA) Equipment for Domestic Sailing Ships (SOTDMA) (Interim)" or IEC 62287-1 "Sea Navigation and Communication Equipment and Systems Class B Ships" The first part of the Automatic Identification System (AIS): Carrier Sense Time Division Multiple Access (CSTDMA)" should also meet the following requirements:


② Automatically record the switch-on time

i. The AIS equipment should be able to record and store no less than 10 times of power-on and power-off times recently, and at the same time the equipment queries every 5 minutes is enough to be in working state, and records the last time in working state.

Here, I would like to remind all relevant ships to attach great importance to this special inspection.

Inspection focus

(1) Shipborne AIS equipment

Whether the ship is equipped and installed with AIS equipment in accordance with the regulations, whether the ship normally opens the AIS equipment, whether the AIS information is consistent with the ship registration information, and whether the ship has applied the AIS information of other ships.

(2) Ship name display

Whether the ship correctly identifies the name of the ship, the port of registry or whether it is equipped with the nameplate of the ship according to the regulations, whether the ship is equipped and correctly installed with the lightbox of the ship's name (if any), whether the name of the ship and the port of registration are clear, complete and standardized, and whether the ship exists Blocking, altering the name of the ship and the logo of the home port, and whether the light box of the ship's name (if any) can be displayed normally at night.

Handling violations

(1) If the illegal behavior is minor, does not cause adverse consequences, and is promptly corrected by propaganda and education, no penalty may be imposed. Those who violate the law badly or refuse to obey the propaganda and education or disobey the maritime law enforcement management shall further board the ship and expand the on-site inspection; if it seriously affects the safety of water traffic, it shall also be punished severely according to law.

(2) If the AIS is not opened normally, it shall be ordered to immediately open the AIS equipment normally, correct the illegal behavior, and be severely punished according to law; if the AIS equipment is licensed, the illegal ship-borne AIS equipment shall be seized as required.

(3) Anyone who fails to mark the name of the ship, the port of registry or obscures the name of the ship or the light box of the name of the ship, and the light box of the name of the ship is displayed abnormally at night, shall be ordered to immediately correct and be fined according to law.

(4) If the name of another ship or the false name of the logo is applied, the ship shall be detained, given administrative punishment according to law, and transferred to the public security and maritime police to be held accountable for violation of laws and regulations on public security management.

(5) If the ship has obvious defects that endanger the safety of the ship, the health of personnel or the marine environment, in principle, it shall be detained in accordance with the law, restrict the operation of the ship or be prohibited from entering the port.

(6) If the on-board AIS equipment is not normally opened or the illegal behavior of the ship's name and home port logo is not corrected as required, the berthing and berthing and water and underwater activities shall be prohibited, and the Shanghai Port Management Center shall be notified to urge the prohibition of loading and unloading operations .

(7) If the AIS equipment on board the vessel is not normally opened or the name of the ship or the port of the port is not standardized, it shall be ordered to correct immediately or go to the designated water area. If the correction is refused, it shall be intercepted and boarded on the premise of ensuring the safety of law enforcement Check; if it is really difficult to correct on the spot, it may be allowed to be corrected in the next port.

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