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Water Sports Life Jacket

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Water sports consist of five items: swimming, sailing, rowing, kayaking, water polo. Due to the current popularity of water sports, coupled with the increased risk of water sports. Therefore, when participating in water sports, life jackets are an important safety guarantee for turning to an accident in the event of an accident. Therefore, wear a life jacket regardless of how hot the weather is, and properly wear a life jacket to buckle the safety buckle.

Generally, we use all kinds of marine life jackets. The interior uses EVA foam material, which is compressed by 3D and has a thickness of about 4 cm (a domestically produced 5-6 thin hair material and a thickness of about 5-7 cm). Life jackets produced according to standard specifications have their buoyancy standards: generally 7.5 kg / 24 hours for adults and 5 kg / 24 hours for children to ensure that the surface above the chest. The surface is made of water-resistant and gas-permeable materials. In addition to paying attention to its buoyancy, it is also necessary to pay attention to the damage of the cross-belt interface to prevent gravity from floating after entering the water.

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