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advantages for water filled weight bags

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Water filled weight bag also called water weight bag is a new type of multi-purpose test weight product. Compared with the traditional test weight products which are too heavy and inconvenient to transport, the new multifunctional test weight water bag has unique advantages. It is foldable,light weight,small in size, safe and reliable and convenient to transport. At the same time, it is a new type of weight test product that gradually replaces the traditional method of weight test.

The test weight water bag has a petal-shaped design and is formed by high-pressure heat-sealing technology. The bag body is interspersed with high-strength fiber slings, which fully guarantees the lifting safety of the water bag. The minimum safety factor of each water bag is 1: 5,which guarantees that it will not be affected by external influences and cause safety accidents in extreme environments.

The weight test is the biggest advantage of this water bag, which can be used for crane lifting test,deck strength test,drilling ship cantilever beam test and so on.At the same time,in different environments,it can also be used as a soft container to store liquids such as water and oil for a long time.

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