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high performance patrol boat of China Maritime Administration will be built in the shipbuilding industry in Oulun Dalian

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According to the news released by the National Bidding Network and the Chinese Government Procurement Network, Oulun (Dalian) Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. won the bid for the Liaoning Maritime Safety Administration and the Guangdong Maritime High Performance Patrol Boat Project, and won orders for four new patrol boats.


In order to strengthen the maritime patrol and emergency response capability, the National Maritime Safety Administration upgraded the patrol boats and purchased new patrol boats of the type I and II with higher performance to support maritime patrol work. With more than ten years of experience in the construction of aluminum alloy boats, Oren Marine has won the bid, which means that the construction technology of the new aluminum alloy patrol boats in Europe has been re-recognized by domestic experts.


Oren focused on the manufacture of aluminum alloy boats for 13 years. In 2018, it was awarded the “Specialized and Special New” product technology enterprise awarded by Liaoning Provincial Industry and Information Technology Committee. Following the successful construction of Jiangmen Private Boat, Tianjin Haihe Maritime Safety Bureau patrol boat After that, he won the bid for the new high-performance patrol boat project of the National Maritime Safety Administration.

This is not the first step for Oulen to build an aluminum patrol boat. As early as 2012, Oren Marine began to work on the aluminum patrol boat field, adhering to high standards, high requirements, high quality corporate standards, many years. Provide patrol boats with excellent performance for domestic and foreign customers.

The patrol boats built by Oren can meet the special tasks of patrol, guard, law enforcement, search and rescue in the sea, river and lake areas through practical tests, and provide good equipment support for Chinese water patrols. With the support of the Dalian Municipal Government, Oulun Shipbuilding has grown and specialized in the construction of aluminum alloy patrol boats. It has made outstanding contributions to the introduction of talents, job creation, and efforts to earn foreign exchange. The Oren people said that they should not forget their initial intentions in their future ventures, continue to work hard, and work quietly to serve the construction of the Liaomeng-European Belt and Road, and spare no effort to revitalize the manufacturing industry of the old industrial bases in Northeast China.

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