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introduction about items of lifeboat inspection and requirements

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According to the relevant regulations of China Classification Society(CCS) and international classification societies, LIFEBOATS must be regularly inspected for safety. So, what are the LIFEBOAT inspection items and requirements?

The LIFEBOAT annual inspection items include: inspection of lifeboats and spare parts inducing davit/launching appliance, automatic hook release mechanism, Inspection of their equipments, spot checks on the technical status of life jackets, external inspection of lifebuoys, number of checks and location of storage, etc.

Specific requirements are as follows:

1. Lifeboat bottom plug; lifeboat length: L≥7.5 meters, there should be two drainage holes, and each drainage hole is equipped with two bottom plugs, and the two bottom plugs should be fixed near the drainage hole.

2. Chain-shaped handrails; chain-shaped handrails are installed on both sides of the life-saving, and there is no chain-shaped handrail above the bow and rudder of the lifeboat. Handrails should be equipped with hand-held bakelite.

3. rudder and tiller; rudder and tiller intact, emergency steering handle should be fixed near the rudder;

4. The hook of the lifeboat; good function, no corrosion;

5. lifeboat's position light, lighting: good condition, clean surface, normal lighting;

6. Watertight cabinet of lifeboat: no damage, crack or deformation;

7. look at the glass: strong, clean, no leakage at the edges;

8. Retroreflective tape: refer to "the logo of the lifeboat";

9. automatic decoupling device; often active, free to release, normal function, these accessories can not be painted;

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