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introduction for marine life buoys

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LIFE BUOY is a type of water lifesaving equipment, usually made of cork, foam or other light weight materials with a small specific gravity, and the outer bread is covered with canvas, plastic, and the like. The lifebuoy for swimming practice can also be made of rubber and filled with air, also known as a rubber band.


Marine lifebuoy Integral lifebuoy [1] integral life buoy (a lifebuoy made by a one-piece monolithic process);

Shell-filled lifebuoy stuffing life buoy (a lifebuoy made by a process in which the body of the ring body is integrally formed and filled with internal materials);

The lifebuoy is divided according to the manufacturing process: type A - integral lifebuoy, type B - outer casing type lifebuoy.

For example:

The integral lifebuoy is marked as: lifebuoy GB4302—2007A;

The inner fuse type lifebuoy is marked as: lifebuoy GB4302—2007B.


I. Extenter

The color of the lifebuoy should be orange-red and have no color difference.

The surface of the lifebuoy should be free from irregularities and cracks.

At four equally spaced locations along the perimeter of the lifebuoy, a retroreflective tape with a width of 50 mm should be wrapped around it.

Each lifebuoy shall be marked with its name, manufacturer's name, manufacturing number, date of manufacture and batch number, and inspection mark of the inspection agency.

II. Size

The outer diameter of the lifebuoy should be no more than 800mm, and the inner diameter should be no less than 400mm.

The outer edge of the lifebuoy shall be fitted with a floatable handle cable having a diameter of not less than 9.5 mm and a length not less than four times the outer diameter of the lifebuoy. The cable should be fastened at four equidistant positions around the ring and form four equal length grommets.

III. Weight

The lifebuoy should weigh more than 2.5 kg. A lifebuoy with a spontaneous smoke signal and a fast-discharge device attached to a self-illuminating floating lamp shall weigh more than 4 kg.

IV. Material

The material of the integral lifebuoy and the inner filling material of the inner-filled lifebuoy of the outer casing should be closed-cell foaming materials.

V. Performance

The lifebuoy should be resistant to high and low temperatures, without shrinkage, cracking, expansion, and decomposition.

The lifebuoy should be dropped from the specified height and should be cracked or broken.

The lifebuoy should be oil resistant, free from shrinkage, cracking, expansion, and decomposition.

The lifebuoy should be fire resistant and should not be burned or continue to melt after overheating.

The lifebuoy should be able to support 14.5kg of iron in the fresh water for 24h.

In the case of free suspension, the lifebuoy should withstand a weight of 90 kg for 30 min without cracking and permanent deformation.

For lifebuoys equipped with a spontaneous smoke signal and a self-illuminating floating light attached to the throwing device, the device should be triggered when released.

When the lifebuoy is freely suspended, it should be able to withstand 90 kilograms of weight in thirty minutes, and during this time, the lifebuoy will not break and will not deform.

VI. Equipped Spares

The lifebuoy can be equipped with spares, including floatable lifelines, self-igniting floating lights or MOB(self-igniting light & self-activating smoke signals).


When the lifebuoy is packed, care should be taken not to deform the ring body and it should not be damaged during transportation. The lifebuoy should be stored in a dry warehouse and should be laid flat.

Although there are very few complaints due to quality problems in the lifebuoy, any formal product should have the basic elements such as the name of the factory, the address of the factory, the certificate of conformity, and the date of manufacture. At the same time, the production should be carried out in accordance with the relevant quality standards, and should be accompanied by instructions for the use of Chinese characters. The quality supervision department reminds the general public that since the lifebuoy is a special kind of life-saving equipment, it must be kept in mind when purchasing, so as to avoid a big disaster when swimming.

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