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introduction of immersion suit

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IMMERSION SUIT, that is, insulated life jackets, also known as immersion suits, insulated immersion insulation suits, insulated immersion suits, sailing suits, marine immersion suits. This product is a must equipped lifesaving product on ocean-going vessels. Divided into Type I and Type II.


Type I immersion suit

It meets the requirements of SOLAS and IMO regulations. It has watertight, buoyant and natural insulation functions, and is equipped with whistle and life jacket lights. No need to wear life jackets. It joins the pants together to protect the entire body except the face, suitable for all sailing ships, oil platforms and other marine operations. This product has been approved and inspected by the China Classification Society (or other relevant classification bodies such as the National Classification Society).

Type II immersion suit

Meets the requirements of IMO LSA and MSC 81. (70) (In Accordance with the rules of IMO LSA, MSC 81. (70)). A buoyant insulated thermal insulation suit that does not require a life jacket. It is equipped with a whistle and a life jacket lamp. The fabric is made of high quality neoprene (NEOPRENE) composite. Water-repellent, heat-insulating, temperature-resistant, flame-retardant, oil-resistant and specified strength, multi-layer composite, non-toxic, non-irritating odor, not due to sea air, sea water, fresh water, oil and fungi Affect. The product has been approved and inspected by the China Classification Society.


Fabric: nylon tarpaulin Neoprene CR composite material 

The second generation fabric is: 5mm neoprene foam rubber (5mmCR).

Insulation and buoyancy materials: Polyethylene foam Neoprene CR composite

Wearing time:< 2min

Storage temperature:-30°C-+65°C

Standard sizes:

XL type: suitable for heights above 1.85m.

L type: suitable for height 1.75m-1.85m.

M type: suitable for people whose height is less than 1.75m.

Waterproof performance:

The wearer floats in the water for 1 hour, and the amount of water in the clothes is less than 200g.

Insulation characteristics:

The wearer soaks in a static water flow of 0-2 ° C for 6 hours, and the body temperature does not decrease by more than 2 ° C.

Buoyancy performance:

The wearer can turn to the face up position within 5 seconds, the mouth and nose are exposed to the water surface 120mm, soaked in water for 24 hours, the buoyancy loss is less than 5 °C.


1. Take out the insulation and open it.

2. Put on insulation.

3. Pull your leg zip up under your arm.

4. Pull the chest waterproof zipper to the face.

5. Pull the face seal to the bottom of the chin before launching.

6. Insulation suits should be worn together with approved life jackets.

7. Remove the gloves from the sleeve pocket.

8. Put on the gloves and pull the zipper.


1. Remove the insulation and open it.

2. Pull the appliance into the two feet from top to bottom and pull it to the face.

3. Tighten the insulation on the face.


1. Immersion suit is stored in a low temperature, ventilated and dry environment. It is strictly prohibited to be placed in a high temperature environment or exposed to long-term exposure; avoid contact with corrosive chemicals such as acid-base salts; heavy pressure is strictly prohibited; wrinkles appear during storage and  after storage is normal phenomenon.

2. Avoid contact or friction with sharp objects during storage and application to prevent puncture or abrasion of the waterproof layer and affect the waterproof effect;

3. After the application is completed, the inner layer of the garment will be turned out in a timely manner, placed in a dry and ventilated place, and the internal moisture will be dried; if it needs to be cleaned, use a neutral detergent and a soft brush.

4. Do not open the lifejacket light switch during the storage process. It can only be turned on when needed. Otherwise, the lifejacket light will be damaged or the lithium battery will be consumed.

5. Regularly check the clothing, if it is found that damage or water leakage should be repaired in time.

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