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Telescopic Davit

Telescopic type davit is used for large lifeboat normally, it luffs arms by hydraulic system, and the lower boat by the help of its own weight as well as recovers by electric winch. The davit needs smaller space, it is the best choice for ship and oil platform which spatial arrangement is limited.


  • SOLAS Regulations


Key Features:

Telescopic type arm needs smaller space;

The davit arm is arranged in three sections of telescopic type to increase the extending length,this is conducive to the release of lifeobat;

Loos of power design,when the davit is power off,the accumulator equipment can still push the lifeboat out and release;

Electric winch can be equipped with ABB,Simens,Honeywell motor.

MATCHAU designed and manufacturered according to its project.


1.The appliance designed and manufactured  is in compiance with the requirements of SOLAS performed currently. It meets the requirements of MSC.47(66)----Amendments of the International Convention for the safety of Life at Sea, 1974 and MSC.48 (66)---- International Lifesaving Appliance Code. And inspected and tested under the approval of clsss.

2.Under conditions of trim by bow or stern of up to 10°and list of up to 20°either way, it can luff the non-loaded or fully-loaded raft from stowed position to outboard depend on pump station , accumulator or hand pump, then launch it to water surface safely depend on own gravity of raft.

3.The davit can recovery the raft from water surface to stowed position at more than 18m/min speed.

4.The winch drives wire drums by means of motor through the reduction spur gears and equipped with centrifugal speed limiting device, manual lowering brake.

5.The davit has a set of hydraulic luffing mechanism, when no power, it can luff the raft to outboard depend on accumulator or hand pump.

6.The appliance has a set of manual arrangement. Can be used to lift the raft.

7.The raft can be lowered by means of remote control, that the crew can operate the hand ring via wire connected with hand valve or winch from inside of the raft to luff and lower the raft. Alternatively the crew can operate the handle on the deck.

8. The inspection and test of the davit is compiled with requirements of MSC.81(70) of IMO rules.

9.Scope of our supply

1(one) ship set(s) consisting of 

1 set   A complete set of davit

1 set   A complete set of winch (loose supply) 

1 set   Control box which is equipped (IP56) (loose supply)

1 set   Push button (IP56) (loose supply)

1 set   Pump Station (loose supply)

1 set   Accumulator(loose supply)

1 set   Spare parts

1 set   Operating plate

1 set   Limit switches (including mounted on the davit and winch)

1 copie   Technical documents with the product

------------ necessary drawings

------------operation instruction

------------list of spare parts

------------certificate of quality

-----------certificate for marine product

10. Items excluded from our supply

-----------Cable on the deck 

-----------Gear oil

------------Performing in board test 

-----------Assembly (after the work endurance test, the davit is dismantled for shipment and installed on offshore)

11. Painting 

Surface treatment: shot blasting Sa2.5 before primer painting 


Primer paint: zinc epoxy--------------2×50μm.




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