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Home / Products / Life jacket & life vest / Lifejacket light / Automatic lifejacket light / Life Jacket Light Model PH2703-1 Seawater Cell Battery
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Life Jacket Light Model PH2703-1 Seawater Cell Battery

PH2703-1 is one seawater cell battery type lifejacket light which is approved by CCS.

  • PH2703-1
  • Dry Battery CCS Approved

Main Parameters:

Comply with SOLAS 1974, MSC.47(66)、MSC.207(81)、MSC.48(66)、MSC.218(82) MSC.81(70)、MSC.226(82)、MSC.323(89) and latest amendment

Dimension: 38mm x 110mm

Illuminant: LED

Flare time: more than 8 hours

Luminous Intensity: more than 0.75cd

Flash Frequency: 50-70 times/minute

Battery: Seawater cell battery

Validity: 5 years

Certificate: CCS



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