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Totally Enclosed Fast Rescue Boat

MATCHAU DOLPHIN safe rescuer is totally enclosed high speed rescue boat. It has self-righting function and the structure will not sink whether the number of persons or the status of the water entering into the boat.


  • SOLAS regulations


This boat is designed and built in accordance with the IMO "International Convention on Safety of Life at sea 1974" and all its update amendments including MSC.218(82), MSC.272(85). Every tet has been carried out according to IMO Resolution MSC.81(70) "Testing of Life-saving Appliances" and its amendment MSC.226(82), MSC.274(85).

MATCHAU DOLPHIN rescuer boat has been contructed of such form and properties that it has ample stability in a sea wy and sufficient freeboard when loaded with its full complement of persons and equip,ent. In the event of capsizing it will right to the upright position by the self-right bags.

MATCHAU DOLPHIN rescuer boat has been constructed of GRP sandwich construction and has sufficient rigidity and strength to ensure to be used in a sea way.

MATCHAU DOLPHIN rescuer boat can be launched and recovered by the single arm davit of mothre ship.

Technical Data(approx.)

Lenth overall: 8.23m;

Hull Length: 8.00m;

Breadth Overall: 3.26m;

Mould Breadth: 2.76m;

Mould Depth: 1.25m;

Height: 3.00m;

Draught: 0.60m;

Light Weight: 3.25 ton;

Fully Loaded Weight: 5.478 ton;

Max. Occupant: 27 person;

Speed with 3 Persons: >20knots;

Speed with Full Load: >8knots;

Endurance: 4 hours;

Fuel Capacity: 220 litres.

General Description:

1. This boat is designed with special "V" shape of bottom to reduce the bump in the high speed and make operation and navigability of he boat well. When the boat is sailing with low speed in ahead and backward, the eudipleural and parallel tunnels will automatically fill with about one stere sea water, the center of gravity is lowed quickly and stability is enforced. And these can make the security of rescuing in the low speed enhancing; When the speed achieved 3 kn, the sea water in the tunnel will be drain out and the speed will raise quickly.

2. This boat is made of all wool and a yard wide GRP material and sandwich structure. It has high intensity, th the same time it has well rigid, heat preservation and buoyancy. And the structure weight is reduced too. All mats, woven roving, resins and PVC material applied on boat are pproved by classification society.

3. Launching and recovering the boat realized by the single-point hanging bracket. And the release hook is timelessly fixed on stainless steel strut running through the boat. The releasing hook procedure can be controlled by the helmsman inside the boat with the control wire.

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